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Residential Projects

Cayuga Lake Cottage

Originally conceived as a yoga retreat, we quickly realized there was more potential for this lake site.  This two-bedroom, 1,700 SF house sits steps from the lake and immerses the residents in horizon views.

Eagleson Engineering was hired to design the framing and foundations for this residence.  Challenges for this design included the proximity to the slope west of the house and the overhanging  second story.

Architectural and Interior design by

Firehouse Architecture LAB

Construction by Craftwork Builders

Cottage Retaining Wall

As part of the Cayuga Lake Cottage project Eagleson Engineering was hired to design a retaining wall within 6 feet from the main building..

The limited site depth combined with the proximity of the slope to the rear of the house required the design and construction of a concrete retaining wall pinned to the rock below.